OCOC Giveaway: Estella’s Revenge Edition

Thanks to all who entered last week. Alas, there can only be one winner, and that honor goes to Alysa at Everead. I also appreciated all the fairy tale suggestions; I added a few to my ever-growing TBR list.

This week’s give away is a threesome… I figured, since March’s Estella’s Revenge came out last week, that I’d offer up the three books I reviewed for the issue. So, we have:

A hardback copy of Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before, by David Yoo. For a second opinion, here’s Becky’s review.

An ARC of The Parliament of Blood, by Justin Richards… which is a really fun vampire adventure book.

and a hardback copy of Somewhere in Heaven, by Christopher Anderson. (And just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t. My mom enjoyed it…)

Leave me a comment with which book you’d like to be entered in the drawing for (yes, it can be for one, two, or all three). Like always, the drawing is open to both US/Canada and international readers, and the drawing will be held Friday morning at 8 a.m., CDT.


11 thoughts on “OCOC Giveaway: Estella’s Revenge Edition

  1. Hello! I’m interested in the David Yoo book. Thanks! I finished your challenge but am hoping to fit in an additional read or two before the end of the month.


  2. Oh, hahaha, we all want the same book! Please enter me in the drawing for Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before. Did I read that you grew up in Ann Arbor? bookfoolery at yahoo dot com is where I live


  3. I know, Nancy, it is funny. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the other two. Probably chuck them, if no one else wants them. (Maybe I’ll give the vampire one to the son of a friend…)And yes, I grew up in the Ann Arbor area (Saline, which is practically an extension of Ann Arbor). Why do you ask?


  4. I’d love a chance to win The Parliament of Blood, by Justin Richards. I love vampire tales and it looks like an exciting read. Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before by David Yoo sounds good as well. 🙂Thanks~ Popinproudbookworm[@]gmail[dot]compro


  5. You have all daughters and I have all sons (3), boy I bet we could trade stories! I’m glad I found your blog.Stop Me… and The Parliament of Blood both sound good to me. Could I be entered for both? Thanks so much and I look forward to more visits!5wrights1[at]verizon[dot]net


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