It’s that Time Again

It’s February… and you’ve been waiting (with baited breath!) for the latest issue of Estella’s Revenge to come on line. (You haven’t? Shhh…. don’t tell me that!) Well, never fear: it’s up (yay, Andi!)! And (like always), it’s a good one, too.

First, my stuff: I have a two-fer: an interview with John Shors, and a review of his recent book, Beside a Burning Sea. I also reviewed Jessica Day George’s newest, Princess of the Midnight Ball as well as the Aussie book Everything Beautiful. (Becky, I didn’t write this, but I agree: that girl on the cover is NOT fat. What gives?)

But the real scoop is Heather’s interview with Lane Smith. (Can I say wow? I can? WOW. Cool.)

And while you’re there, putter around a bit, and read the rest of the issue, too. 🙂


One thought on “It’s that Time Again

  1. I was SO TICKLED about this issue! So much good stuff. My TBR is groaning under the weight of cool recommendations. And I thought that too about the girl on the cover of Everything Beautiful. She’s not even remotely pudgy!


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