Just Because….

I can’t hijack Hubby’s blog, like he did mine

(His bachelor’s graduation — he had two more over the years; we were engaged at the time.)

I need a filler for today…

(He’s the cutie on the far right.)

(He’s standing second from the back. The really amazing thing about this picture is that his older brother — the one in the back — is only a year older than he is. )

He does the philosophical ruminating, and I do the rest 😉 …

(He’s the second one from the left — I think it’s cute that he wore hats!)

I feel a need to embarrass him publicly 🙂 ….

But mostly because He’s turning FORTY today (!) and that’s something to celebrate, even over here.

(He’s the baby in this one.)

I bummed a few pictures off his brother, who had access to the ones at their parents’ house, because I thought it would be fun to take a little walk through (not quite) forty years of history. And because it’s always fun to see pictures of someone you only knew as an adult when they were kids.

Happy Birthday, Russell.


10 thoughts on “Just Because….

  1. The tragic thing is that swimsuit picture of me must have been taken when I was about 16. I was such the complete pencil-necked geek. (Not that that’s a bad thing…)Thanks Blossom. Love you too.


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