2008 Challenge #9: Jane Austen

The challenge requirements, as set out by Becky, were to read two of Jane Austen’s books (or see the movies), but I decided to take the challenge as an opportunity to re-read all of her works. I’m so very glad I did. I followed Brooklyn Arden’s calendar for reading Jane Austen, and I have to highly recommend it as a way to read all Austen’s works. It spread them out enough so that I was able to enjoy (mostly) each and every one, without getting Austened out. As a result, I thought it’d be fun to do The Jane Awards as a recap.

Least favorite — Mansfield Park (I didn’t like it the first time around, and this time still didn’t do anything for me!)

Favorite — Persuasion (It’s such a wonderful, beautiful, mature love story.)

Favorite Male Protagonist —
Mr. Knightly in Emma (I had “best hero”, but my brother objected: the best hero is Colnel Brandon, in Sense and Sensibility. I do have to agree. He’s pretty heroic. But I still like Mr. Knightly best.)

Favorite Female Protagonist —
Elizabeth Bennet,
Pride and Prejudice (She’s the most fun: sensible without being a pushover, energetic without being silly.)

Best Chemistry — Darcy and Lizzy (Swoon. Love to read them banter.)

Changed My Opinion — Northanger Abby (I get it now. And yes, it’s funny.)

One that Doesn’t Get any Press, but Is Actually Really Good: Sense and Sensibility. (I didn’t like this one the first time around, either, but I found that I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s not a highly accessible novel, it’s really long, but there are some good little bits throughout.)

7 thoughts on “2008 Challenge #9: Jane Austen

  1. I agree with just about everything you said except for Mr Knightley. I used to love him but now I find him a bit of a know-it-all. Mansfield Park didn’t you anything for me either.


  2. Booklogged, if you ever do get around to reading all her works, I highly recommend doing it seasonally over the course of a year. I liked them (mostly) so much better than reading them all back-to-back.And Chris, I’ve had other people tell me that I need to get over Mr. Knightly. Yeah, he’s a know-it-all, but he means well, and Emma’s such a silly girl that he’s really good for her. I guess I see enough of myself in Emma that I love Mr. Knightly for putting up with her silliness.But, Darcy and Captain Wentworth and Colonel Brandon are all pretty wonderful, too. Oh, I should have included favorite bad boy, because I adore Willoughby, even though he’s a cad and a libertine. πŸ™‚


  3. Congrats on finishing up all six! I only got to four of them myself. Emma and Mansfield Park being ones that I didn’t get to this year. πŸ™‚ Persuasion is my favorite as well. I just *love, love, love* that love letter.


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