Dragon Flight

I’m on a bit of a middle grade kick right now…

I actually stayed up a bit late last night finishing this one, partially because I could, but mostly because I was enjoying myself and I lost track of the time. A sequel to
Dragon Slippers, this essentially picks up a while after it left off. Since it’s been eight months since I read the first, I was a bit fuzzy on all the details, and I was actually hoping I could read this one okay as a stand-alone, and that I wouldn’t be missing too much if I didn’t re-read the first book.

Thankfully, George spins a good stand-alone tale, weaving in just enough details to remind me of the basic plot of the first book, without bogging the plot of this book down. It picks up basically where Slippers left off, with Creel as a fairly successful dressmaker and Prince Luka off to a neighboring land as ambassador. We find out that the dragons — Shardas and his mate, Velika — are alive but seriously wounded. Then Luka sends word that the neighboring country is planning on attacking Feraval… with hundreds of dragons. This shocks everyone, not least Creel, and she (with her trusty sidekick and friend, Marta) heads off to figure out what the big deal is. (This is not just because if she didn’t, the book wouldn’t work, but because Creel has been deemed a “dragon expert”.) From there, they discover deeper, more sinister plots, and work to not only save themsevles, but the dragons.

I think it works well as an action book, though I was a bit disappointed in the climactic battle scene. I remember liking the budding romance between Creel and Luka, and this, while lacking the intensity I usually like, built nicely upon their relationship and has a good (or perhaps it should be silly?) proposal. I’m sure there’s more that I could nitpick, but honestly, I’m tired and so I won’t.

In all, though, it was a fun way to spend an evening.


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