Janes in Love

Back in March, I read Plain Janes, and liked it enough that when I heard there was a sequel, I was terribly excited. I needed something light (not just subject matter, but reading style!) after the last book, and thankfully this one was in at the library on Tuesday. Oh, happy day. I curled up for an hour last night and lost myself in Jane’s world.

This graphic novel picks up right where the last one left off. The girls are still at their promotion of art (pegged vandalism by the town’s police chief, who’s a real jerk), but in addition, they’re trying to figure out their love lives. (It’s February, and the heart turns to love…) Damon, who took the fall for P.L.A.I.N.’s art on New Years eve, is suspended. Our Jane like-likes him, but can’t tell him. Theater Jane has an enormous crush on a Metro City actor, and is constantly talking to him. Jayne (she’s the science geek), has a crush on fellow science lover, and in one of my favorite bits of the novel, creates a pheromone potion that works on every other guy in the school… except the one she wants. Polly Jane is the most direct: she tells the star basketball player that he’s going to be her boyfriend. He says yeah. How I wish it were that easy.

There’s other things going on in the book, too. Jane’s mother is still having seclusion issues — she refuses to come out of the house after her friend from college is killed in an Anthrax attack. After getting caught and arrested during one of their attacks, Jane works at getting legitimate support from the town, and applies for a grant from the National Foundation of the Arts, which poses its own problems and challenges.

It’s not a deep read, or even a terribly complex one. But it’s an enjoyable, fun, quick read. And I love the characters. I can only hope the Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg write more.

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