Audrey, Wait!

I read a lot (a LOT) of books for kids, and I have come to realize that they fall into, essentially, three categories. There’s the ones that I enjoy simply because they are good, enjoyable, fun, thought-provoking, interesting stories that are mostly well-told. Then there’s the ones that I go into mom-mode, deconstructing and analyzing the book as if these characters were my own children. Then… there’s the ones that are perfectly ordinary teenagers doing perfectly (well, mostly) ordinary teenagery things. I have come to believe that I’m just too old and uncool to even remotely relate.

Audrey is famous. Not because she wants to be. She’s just an ordinary 16-year-old junior who just broke up with her boyfriend, Evan. It’s just that Evan’s in a band, and he wrote a song about their breakup called “Audrey, Wait!” and an agent heard it and radio stations played it, and suddenly it’s the hippest song around and she’s famous. This book is her story.

I really can’t give you much more of a summary of that… because I didn’t finish it. It’s not because it’s a bad book. It’s got a sassy tone, and it’s fast-paced and incredibly hip. I liked the idea, looking at meta-fame of today’s overly connected society, and how one person would deal with all that. But… it was just too hip for me. I found myself feeling old and out of touch when reading it. Granted, I wasn’t even nearly as cool as Audrey when I was a teenager (“band” means that thing with trumpets and flutes that plays on a football field); and I didn’t go see anyone remotely cool until I was a senior and went to see Rush with a friend). So I didn’t even have any past to draw upon here. So, about a third of the way in, I flipped to the end to see if it all ends up happily ever after (it does), and abandoned it.

This one is just for people much, much cooler than me. And I’m okay with that.

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