Pride and Prejudice

Ah, the consummate Jane Austen. The Most Popular Jane Austen (thanks, Colin Firth…). The Chick Lit Jane Austen. What is there really to say about Pride and Prejudice??

I used to say that I read it annually, that it was my favorite Jane Austen. Honestly, though: I don’t, and it’s not. But, I do love it for what it is: a genuinely funny, sweet, wonderful romantic comedy. (My mother’s complaint about the A&E version of the book is that they played up the romance too much and short-changed the comedy. It really is a funny book.) Lizzy and Darcy are the perfect romantic leads: the lovers who don’t realize that they’re in love until they’re already most of the way there. (I thought reading this was very appropriate after having seen Much Ado About Nothing. Lizzy and Darcy have much in common with Beatrice and Benedict.) The man who can’t resist the woman, even though he really tries hard. The woman who loathes the man until she realizes that he’s really much more than he appears. They fight the urge to fall in love, for different reasons: there are no star-crossed, obsessed (Bella and Edward!), pining lovers here. And, because of that, because of their wit and banter, and because of the whole tension surrounding their relationship, that final kiss (well… in the movie), their final tumble into and acceptance of their love is that much more sweet and fulfilling. It is truly a perfect book to read on a hot, summer day.

That is what I can say.

9 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. Oh, Julie; you really need to give it a good try. If you aren’t hooked by the time Darcy snubs Lizzy at the dance, then it probably isn’t for you.I never noticed that the Colin Firth version short-changed the comedy, but I think you’re right. I actually prefer the 6 part BBC version. The guy who plays Darcy is a bit stiff (David Rintoul), but it sticks much closer to the book and retains all the original humor. And in BBC version has the perfect Lady Catherine. She is much younger than the Lady Catherine in the Firth version (who was much too old for the part, I thought) and she does a superb job.I don’t read the novel annually, but it’s close. I actually haven’t read a JA novel in over a year and I’m feeing the urge once again . . .


  2. This is one of my favorite books! I too re-read it every year or so–I think its that time of year again! I also re-read Sense and Sensibility every now and then. Jane Austen is my comfort author.


  3. Lisa: favorite hero: Mr. Knightlyfavorite heroine: Annefavorite falling-in-love story: Darcy and Lizzyfavorite overall book: Persuasion. (It’s the best love story, hands down. That, and it’s got the most romantic letter ever written, IMHO.)


  4. Hey, I like the comparison with the lovers in Much Ado About Nothing. Both it and Pride and Prejudice are favorites, especially (I am embarrassed to say) in their film forms.


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