In the Mood

I saw this challenge over at Becky’s (fitting, since she’s hosting it) a while back, and have been putting off joining it… Last week, though, it hit me: I’m in the mood for some serious chick lit. It’s summer, it’s hot, and my brain is much too fried for anything terribly taxing. Therefore, I’m joining up. Gimme some YA romance!

My list of six, as of right now (a couple aren’t at the library, so we’ll see if they come in, or if I just change my mind):

An Abundance of Katherines
, John Green
13 Little Blue Envelopes, Maureen Johnson
Love, Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli
Suite Scarlett, Maureen Johnson
Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer
The Juliet Club, Suzanne Harper

Let the swooning begin!

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