The Sisters Grimm: Tales from the Hood

I’m not sure if any of you are still following along, but things have gotten pretty grim for the Grimm sisters. Mr. Canis was arrested by Ferryport Landing’s sham of a cop and mayor and is being put on trial for the murder of Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. It’s up to the sisters, of course, and their grandmother to prove Mr. Canis’s innocence and keep him alive.

I didn’t like this one as much as I’ve liked the past two, but it wasn’t bad. For all of Buckley’s verboseness, he did come up with some clever plot twists and action points, and a decent ending, the “to be continued” notwithstanding. I thought his re-telling and manipulation of the Red Riding Hood tale was pretty clever, giving the story a whole new interpretation.

But that’s about it. I do have to say that I’m honestly glad that this is the last one for a while. Though, both M and C really loved the series.

4 thoughts on “The Sisters Grimm: Tales from the Hood

  1. I liked #5 (whatever the last one was with the time travel stuff) better than this one. The oldest sister is starting to annoy me a bit too much. But I’ll doubtless keep reading them as they’re released.


  2. I liked #4 and 5 best, too Becky. And, yes, I’ll keep reading them, too (out loud to C, I suppose) because I am curious how to end up.And, dear Megan, just the first few books?! Sabrina was only tolerable in the 5th. Bah. I can’t understand the reasoning behind making the main character so unsympathetic. It’s annoying.


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