The King of Attolia

M and I were talking about the Attolia series (or whatever the name of this trilogy is) to Hubby over lunch today, and it occurred to me that not only are they kind of difficult to explain, they actually end up sounding a lot lamer than they really are.

So, I got to thinking (after I finished the third book) why did I love these so much? It’s the writing: Turner is a superb storyteller, creating worlds and characters with as good a talent as Robin McKinley or Shannon Hale. But, I realized (especially after finishing the third book), that it was also because of Gen. He’s a wonderful hero — the true anti-hero, someone who is but doesn’t want to be — but he’s also the bad boy, the thief, the one who can’t be tamed. Which makes him infinitely alluring.

After being moody for all of the second book, Gen is back in almost as good of form as he was in The Thief. The only reason it’s not as good is because Gen’s, um, king and is required (for the most part) to act the role. Except the people of Attolia don’t want him there, and to be honest he doesn’t really want to be there either. Yet, he manages to rise to the occasion, with (of course) various intrigues and adventures along the way. And a myth story thrown in.

Reading these three books in quick succession made me aware of all the faults — that they’re essentially the same story three times, that Turner has some tried-and-true tricks to use. But I didn’t care. I was in love with Gen, with the world, with the story Turner was weaving.

Which is why I now want to go out and buy these three books. And it’s why — in spite of the fact that I think any reasonable person would say that this is a perfect trilogy and please leave it at that — I’m hoping that Turner doesn’t leave this world behind and will write a fourth book so she can wrap up some of the loose ends that she left hanging. Because I want to know what happens to them all.

And that’s a hallmark of a really good series. (Either that, or I’m just really tired. 🙂

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