So, I’ve had a weird day. We biked to get our free donuts, and after that I settled down to read. Got an hour or so in, and then a friend called offering to drive us (Hubby has the car) to go bowling… and the girls wouldn’t let me say no. So, I spent a good 2 hours at the bowling alley getting a headache from noise and second-hand smoke and putting out jealousy and insecurity fires and chasing a 2 year old all over the place. Sigh.

I did get a good three hours in this afternoon… finished The Thief. Excellent. We’re off to dinner and Shakespeare in the park… I’ll put up the review when I get back.

So. So far:
Read 4 hours 50 minutes
Finished 2 books
For a total of 463 pages.


One thought on “Update….

  1. That is so not pathetic. At least, not for me. Yeah, I’m a slow reader. I liked your wording, “putting out jealousy and insecurity fires”. Good description!


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