Reading Mechanics

Found this at Dewey’s … and while I don’t have my reading material categorized by place, I do read different things in different places. I thought it might be fun to share. 🙂

The breakfast table read: I’ve been a newspaper reader ever since I started delivering papers in 8th grade and we got to keep any extras. (I would also read it while I was delivering… I’m sure my customers didn’t really appreciate that…) We had an afternoon paper while growing up, so it wasn’t a breakfast table read then, but it became one after I got married and we moved to D.C. and we started taking the Washington Post. Since then, in practically every town we lived in (not in Mississippi, though), we’ve taken a morning paper. I read it in this order, always: comics, arts/entertainment section, weather, glance at local headlines, glance at sports headlines (in football season, scour for any University of Michigan news, in tennis season, follow the slam headlines), front page, opinion page, look through rest of news section. Don’t know why I read it in that order, or why it’s the same every morning, but it is.

The to-go read: I wish I could say I took a book when I went. Sometimes I do, like when I take C to piano lessons, or if I’m by myself at M’s diving class. But, usually when I go, I’ve got K and A with me, 2 and 4 years respectively, and they take most of my attention. When I do go, I take along my main read.

The bathroom read: I don’t read here. Unless I’m in someone else’s house (like my parents) who keep material in the bathroom. Usually, it’s Reader’s Digest.

The read-aloud: I read picture books to K (and A sometimes, though that’s generally Hubby’s job), and a book — the fourth Sister’s Grimm right now — out loud to C at night. I love doing that, and thankfully, I’ve got two more girls who will want me to read aloud to them!

The main read: This is 1) whatever is on my nightstand from the library or 2) for a challenge. I have a huge TBR list I keep on line, and I try to work from that. I read a little bit of everything (though probably more Middle Grade and YA than adult)… and I like it that way. I read at night, mostly, instead of watching TV (unless we’ve got something I really want to watch from Netflix), and in the middle of the day while K and A are taking “quiet (read: movie)” time. I sometimes get to read other times during the day, but that’s rare.

The work read: Since my full-time job is staying home, I don’t really have “real (read: paying) job”, but I do write for Estella’s Revenge, sometimes for The Edge of the Forest, and Hubby and I have been asked to be the editors of the book review section for Dialogue magazine (though the first issue we’ll work on won’t come out until next spring….). I read the ARCs that I get sent, either through authors/publishers/agents contacting me, whatever Andi can send my way, or whatever I can drum up (mostly through Bloomsbury, since I have a contact there, and I don’t really have the time — see “real job” — to do the legwork to get other contacts. Though I’ll have to start putting more time/effort into that for the editor job…)

The travel read: Generally, when we travel, I’m either on mom duty or we’re visiting family, so there’s not much time to read. But, if I do, I don’t want to read anything deep or terribly mind-stretching (though last year, at the family reunion, I read A Canticle for Leibowitz. Not exactly an ideal vacation read…). A good time for chick lit, travel books, or light YA/middle-grade. I always end up taking more books than I end up reading, interestingly enough.

The audiobook: I don’t listen to audio books as much as I read print (I’ve toyed with the idea of always having one in the car, but for around-town stuff, it just doesn’t work. The kids are just too loud in the car!), but I love them for long drives. Hubby usually does the driving, and I’m managing/ playing with /entertaining/keeping from screaming in the back (which is ironic, since I get car sick!), but I can keep half an ear out for the story line. And, believe me, it helps with the boring landscape across middle America, and it makes the drive go faster. Lots.

So…. what about you?

3 thoughts on “Reading Mechanics

  1. I have a suggestion for you! What about audiobooks FOR the kids, and you get the fun of listening, too? The Hank the Cowdog audiobooks are hilarious, and the Lemony Snicket books are particularly well-done on audio, too. I used to nanny/tutor these twin boys who were 7, and they adored listening to audiobooks in the car, and their dad was SO thankful to me that I had found a way for him to be able to concentrate on his driving, because they would be totally silent while they were listening. Course, your 2 and 4 year old might like simpler audiobooks, but I remember my son loved Clifford the Big Red Dog audiobooks. They had fun music. 🙂


  2. You forgot that last, and in my case ever growing, categorisation of books by place: ‘I’m sure I put it down here somewhere.’


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