‘Tis May

Which means it’s time for one of my monthly plug posts…

(As a reminder, the next Bookworms Carnival will be hosted by Scooter Chronicles. The theme is contemporary/urban fantasy ((for suggested reading, click here) and the deadline for submission is May 9. To submit a post, email: srf at soundchaser dot org.)

The May issue of Estella’s Revenge is up!

Like always, there’s some good stuff there… don’t mis Iliana’s how-to for making a travel journal (makes me want to do one!) as well as Stuart’s essay on a Sense of Place.

As for my stuff… I wrote an ode to one of my favorite genres: travel books (complete with 15 suggestions, some of which are now on my TBR list!). There’s also two reviews: The Patron Saint of Butterflies, which you should pick up and read and Exodus, which has a fascinating dystopian concept.



4 thoughts on “‘Tis May

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Melissa. I would have hated to miss the Bookworms Carnival this time round. I just finished reading The Patron Saint of Butterflies.


  2. I liked the Estella article a lot, even if my taste in travel writing runs more to the ‘do stupid things and write about them’ sub-genre. Dave Gorman’s ‘Googlewack Adventure’ for example.


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