Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects

So, when C and I last left the Sister Grimm, they had finally found a home with their Granny Relda and managed to defeat both Jack and the giants. What’s next for our heroic sisters? Nothing other than…. school.

Sabrina, at least, would rather spend her days (and nights) reading the “reference” books at Granny’s house trying to find magical tools to help her find and rescue her mom and dad. Unfortunately, the state steps in, and off Daphne and Sabrina go. Daphne has it easy — Snow White is her teacher — but Sabrina’s lot is another story. Especially when her teacher ends up dead at the end of her first day.

So, of course, they have a mystery on their hands. One that will lead them into much danger, nearly tear the family apart, and lead Sabrina closer to finding her parents.

While this one didn’t have the novelty that The Fairy Tale Detectives did, I still enjoyed reading it out loud to C. Sure, there was a lot of extra plot points (did we really need to know how Daphne did her hair?), but C didn’t seem to mind, and they added a bit of whimsy to what could have been an otherwise dark tale. We both really enjoyed Puck; he’s a fun addition to the Grimm family. There weren’t as many voices to “do” (and I couldn’t remember half of the ones I’d done previously; C was always correcting me), but neither of us seemed to mind (though now that I think about it, there were still quite a handful of fairy tale characters; I just didn’t get into doing voices this time through.) The story itself was fairly gripping, leaving us hanging at several points. It even ended on a cliff-hanger, after which C said, “I hate this book. When can we get the next one?” (She doesn’t like cliff-hangers…) It was a fun, well-told tale. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

4 thoughts on “Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects

  1. At your suggestion, I am currently reading Fairy Tale Detectives out loud to S and X. Last night, when it was time to stop, they were practically in tears and S stomped off to her room with the book to keep reading 🙂


  2. Too funny. The hardest thing for C was that the chapters were too long and I’d have to stop <>in the middle of one<>… heaven forbid! Still, it gave us a reason to read every night. We had to find out what happens next!


  3. Booklogged — I think it depends on the kids. My 4 yo listens in, but invariably falls asleep. I don’t have a 6 yo, so I can’t tell. I do know that 8 and up are great ages for this story. It might be over the heads of some younger kids… you make the call.


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