Estella Reminiscing

The March issue of Estella’s Revenge is up (my lone review — February was a slow month — is here)! Andi and Heather have put together another good issue (I love the new look, too!) so stay and browse a while.

I was reminded, that I began writing for Estella (shoot, Estella, in its current incarnation, began) a year ago. It started with a silly little review (as I think about it now, it wasn’t terribly well written) of The Penderwicks. I wasn’t sure if Andi and Heather would even like it, let alone run it; I sent it to them on a whim. I really can’t remember the motivation behind my reaching out. I’d been writing on my blog for two and a half years, content with my readership of 10 people (half of whom were family members). But I saw an announcement somewhere (can’t remember where, now) that this new literary ‘zine was looking for writers, and I thought to myself: “I can do that.” Encouraged by Hubby, I did. And I found I liked it. I like getting ARCs in the mail (as does M — she’s always pilfering through my ARC pile), I like having my name and my writing out there in more (better-read) places. I like interviewing authors. I like having authors read what I write. It’s exciting; a real rush. And it’s something I can do. I won’t say I do it well — I’m not “good” enough to get a job at the local paper, let alone be as respected as, say, Lisa at Bluestalking Reader or Betsey at Fuse #8. I don’t have piles and piles of publisher contacts (time, baby; it’s all about the time. And when you’re home with four girls — two all day! — you don’t have much of that). But I’m having a grand time. And, I’ve come realize, that as long as I’m loving what I “do” then that’s all that matters.

Thanks, Andi and Heather, for accepting and publishing that first piece. It gave me the confidence I needed to realize I could reach out and give “real” book reviewing a try. And the past year has been a grand experience. Here’s to many more.


3 thoughts on “Estella Reminiscing

  1. Awww, we’re the ones who should be thanking you (and throwing piles of money). You’re one of those writers that’s the lifeblood of Estella…always coming through with wonderful offerings, and willing to help pick up the slack when things get rough in our lives. Thank you so so so so much.


  2. I love your enthusiasm! I thought of giving my name to Estella when they were looking for writers but I got nervous. Your post might make me brave enough to try again


  3. Melissa, I so admire you for reaching out! I’m happy that the world reached back, in just the right way for this time and place in your life. The fact that you enjoy it all is the best part.


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