Secret Santa Revealed

I got my present in the mail (sent mine off Wednesday; hopefully it’ll get there soon…) today! (I love getting packages!) I have two confessions, though: 1) my Secret Santa is Violetlady, and I have never ever been to her blog. Until now. Lovely blog, so that’s a present in itself. I love finding new places to visit.

And 2) I’m actually waiting until Christmas to open the present. I’m one of those people (Mom will be so proud — I used to not be this way) who want to wait to open presents. So, I’ll get back to you at what Violet Lady got for me.

Happy Holidays. And an early Thank You, Violetlady!


7 thoughts on “Secret Santa Revealed

  1. Discovering new blogs is definitely part of the fun here 🙂 And like Amy said, you have a lot of will power! I like the idea of waiting until Christmas to open my presents, building up the anticipation and all, but in reality it’s not often that I’m able to resist.


  2. For some reason anticipation always tended to make me sick rather than happily excited, so mom and I established a tradition when I was a child that she’d get a handful of tiny, cheap little gifts to lead up to Christmas with, and I was allowed to open one a day after a certain date. Neither my husband nor I particularly enjoy that whole anticipation thing either, so we just give each other our gifts when we happen to get them. I admire your willpower. 😉


  3. I do have to admit that I’m being purely mercenary here… in recent years, most of our Christmas is directed towards the kids, and there really isn’t a whole lot under the tree for me. And, adult that I am, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. (I know, it’s silly. I tell myself that I shouldn’t mind… but on some level I do.)So any package with my name on it just means more for me to open on Christmas. 🙂


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