November, Already?

Hard to believe. I’m recovering from a hard night of trick-or-treating with the girls (four trick-or-treaters can bring home a LOT of candy!) and watching Ghostbusters. Now, on to Thanksgiving!

The November issue of Estella’s Revenge is already up! It’s all about comfort… though I didn’t write anything along those lines. I did, however, contribute two reviews. One was a book I thoroughly enjoyed — Ophelia by Lisa Klein. The other — April and the Dragon Lady, by Lensey Namioka — was a quick read, but only a so-so book. Go check out the other stuff, though, especially the book challenge. I’ll have to think about whether or not I want to join this one…

In other November news, it’s almost deadline time for the November Bookworm Carnival (November 9th). There’s been a change in hosts; the new host is now Myrthe . The theme is still short stories (either ones you’ve read or ones you’ve written). Don’t use the bookworm carnival submission form; Dewey’s taken the Bookworms Carnvial off it, due to technical difficulties. Send all your submissions to armenianodar at yahoo dot com and please also thank Myrthe for stepping in at the last minute!

Happy November!


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