I Have Been Reading…Really!

And good books, too. It’s just that the reviews aren’t posted here. The October issue of Estella’s Revenge is up, and I managed to read two books and do an author interview. I finally got to read Shannon Hale’s Book of a Thousand Days… and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Thanks Becky, Erin and Leila for your reviews… they helped me formulate my ideas. I appreciate it. I hope I didn’t unwittingly plagiarize anyone.) And I also read Jan Shapin’s (first-time author) A Snug Life Somewhere, an intriguing book set in Washington State around the time of World War I. I also interviewed Shapin; you can find that here.

I also finished the two Gardella Vampire books by Colleen Gleason. And — I’m only moderately embarrassed to admit — I have to say that I’m becoming a bit hooked on vampire books. (I should probably stop before it becomes an obsession.) I’ll post links as soon as the reviews are up over at Book Binge, if you care to read more about vampire romances….

(Update: They were quite lovely and got my review posted quick. Here’s the link. I would have done it earlier today, but Blogger was down. Grrr.)

If you’ll excuse me, my (very large) TBR pile is calling.

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