Guest Blogging Princess Power

I got this book from Andi as a review book for Estella. When the book got here, I looked at it and though, “Huh. Not what I was expecting.” The back of the book said for ages 9 to 12, but M (our resident 9 to 12 year old) looked at it and said, “It’s a bit young.” So, we passed it on to C (our resident 6 to 8 year old). I told her that if she read it, I’d let her review it for Estella.

Turns out, though, that it really is youngish for the readership over at Estella. But, I did promise C that she could do her review. So, without further adieu, here it is:

Title and author of book:
Princess Power: The Stubbornly Secretive Servant, by Suzanne Williams. It’s Book #5 in a series.

Fiction or non-fiction? Genre? Fiction.

What led you to pick up this book? It looked cool. Like you were going to solve mysteries, have adventures.

Summarize the book: The plot was Jonathan, who was supposed visit Princess Gabrielle and Prince Jerome, went missing. The four princess friends decided to figure out what happened to Jonathan.

What did you like most about the book? I liked that the princesses were always ready for new things to pop up. I liked that most of the time, one of the princesses (Tansy) played her magic flute so they could hear each other’s thoughts.

What did you like least? That the plot was all about Jonathan, a prince that was coming to the royal ball. (He’s also a magician.) I also didn’t like that Thomas, Jonathan’s servant, did all the dumb stuff. It got boring after a while.

What did you think of the main character? There were many main characters. Gabrielle and Jerome (her husband) didn’t do a lot of cool stuff, but Gabrielle had a baby in the last chapter. The other princesses were all different. Fatima rocked; she was adventurous, and had a magic carpet. Lysandra was Gabrielle’s sister, so got to be an aunt. She was also the one that figured out the mystery (Tansy helped). I thought Tansy’s magic flute rocked. Elena was pretty boring though.

Any other particularly interesting characters? No.

Do you recommend this book? Yes, for girls who like princesses and adventures.

My note: I think this book is in an odd category. It was a bit difficult for C to read, the names especially being difficult to pronounce. (She would call Fatima, “fat-ma” and Jerome “jer-um”) But, unless M is unusual for her age (which I concede that she may be), I can’t see a 10-year-old liking an underdeveloped and simplistic princesses adventure/mystery book. It really is a glorified beginning-reader chapter book.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Princess Power

  1. C, good job! You gave us a good idea of what the book is about — and you did it without giving any spoilers. 🙂 I will pass this one along to my 8yo daughter.


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