Waiting with Baited Breath

I was going to do a retrospective of my experiences with Harry Potter. Something along the lines of what Lisa at Bluestalking Reader did. You know: how I discovered it through a friend in 1999, went whole hog by that Christmas, but how we didn’t really get into the hype until the 5th book, which we picked up on the publication date (rather than waiting), but really really didn’t get into the whole lets-all-read-this-book-on-the-same-day thing until last time, when Hubby picked it up at midnight on the pub day, and we both devoured it in about 25 hours.

But then, I saw this in the morning paper, and thought it was much better than anything I could write.

I’m not going to the midnight release party; I enjoy my sleep too much. But Hubby and M are off at about 9:30 tonight. Hubby’s planning on diving right in once they get home, and hopefully finishing it soon enough on Saturday so that I can have my turn. And we reserved a copy at the library (we’re number 88, and they’re getting 100 copies, so we should get one tomorrow!) for M to read, since she was unhappy with being third in line.

See you sometime early next week with my thoughts on the book. Have a great Harry weekend!


2 thoughts on “Waiting with Baited Breath

  1. Have lots of fun reading! I am going to the party, because I think the hype is fun. But I’m also ditching my family to read it and I can doze when I wish, so there you go.


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