Harry Potter Linky Goodness

So, to celebrate today, I’m going to link to several HP posts I’ve found over the past few weeks. (Think of it as a HP carnival; if I missed something important, by all means, let me know!) Go, enjoy, leave a comment.

First, there’s hubby’s extremely popular Harry Potter predictions post. It’s what generates the most traffic for his site… wonder why? He says he’s going to put up another one this week, his second-to-last-HP-post-ever. If he gets around to it, I’ll link to it.

Erin, at Miss Erin, has been celebrating the release of Deathly Hallows for the past two weeks with a collection of Harry Potter quotes. My favorites have been the Luna days. It’s been fun to browse through.

You should definitely pop by Brooklyn Arden, and visit Cheryl, one of the few people in the world who have actually read Deathly Hallows (though she’s not telling!). Check out her post, in which she becomes incredibly(!) famous.

Ron Charles, book critic for the Washington Post, decries the HP series (and adults who read it) as cultural infantilism. Over at the The American Scene, they’ve posted a response. As has Kathryne, over at The Longstockings. Take a minute to read their other Harry posts, too. (found via A Chair, A Fireplace & A Teacozy, where Liz has her own post about HP bashing, too.) Oh, and Colleen at Chasing Ray also puts in her thoughtful two cents in defense of the books.

On the lighter side (I found this through the Bookworm Carnival — go visit that, too — at the hidden side of a leaf), Bob at bobarama dot com describes what he’s going to do to avoid being told the ending of Deathly Hallows before he reads it. (He’s also got a post about the movie, as well as other linky goodness…)

Alan Jacobs blogs for Books & Culture about his predictions and hopes for the seventh book.

I’m sure there’s more (I know there’s more, but I can’t remember where… ARGH!). Let me know, and I’ll post updates.

Update #1 (see… I knew there was more!) via Becky: Over at Say No to Crack, a very amusing comparison of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Update #2: I said when Hubby got his HP post up, I’d link to it. He did, so here it is.


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