Bloggers vs. Reviewers

I’m not going to weigh in on this debate (being one of those who are blogging reviews…), but for a thoughtful overview, check out Betsy’s thoughtful post on the whole debate.

In other news, I finished Riddle-Master of Hed last night. And I’m SO glad that Corrine sent me the whole trilogy, because it ends with a major cliffhanger. I would be totally up the proverbial river if I’d checked it out from the library. Maybe I should talk to them about it.

The, um, review will be forthcoming, after I finish the other two books.

6 thoughts on “Bloggers vs. Reviewers

  1. Perhaps, as readers with an affinity for literature, we are well qualified to review books. I know that I am more interested in a heartfelt opinion from a book lover than someone who has simply earned a paper stating he’s qualified to review. Therefore, I look forward to your comments when you complete this trilogy.


  2. I’ve been reading about this debate for awhile too. I review the books I read on my blog as well. I started my blog for me….so I could have a place to log what I read. The fact that others have started reading it is an added plus. Do I feel an obligation? Yes, to have an honest opinion. But that’s all it is….MY opinion. I have found some likeminded people and I trust their opinions. I don’t think that makes it wrong. Sheesh….sorry to go off on a tangent there! I’m looking forward to your review on the trilogy as well!!


  3. No apologies, Stephanie. We started blogs for the same reason, and I was actually wary of having readers for a long time. I guess I felt insecure — I mean, really, why would anyone listen to what I have to say about books. I’ve gotten more comfortable with it, but I still largely think it’s just my opinion and I’m still often surprised people read and like what I have to say. 🙂Given that, I have found over time that I feel an obligation to <>my<> “readers” — those who regularly read this blog. I think not only do I like the book, but how do I present it to my audience, and whether I think they might like it. And, given that, if I think they’d like to read an interview with such-and-such author, I’d willingly put it here, without thinking that it would compromise my views. (Granted, it’s hard enough getting interviews with authors for Estella, I have no hope that they’d want to be up on my blog!)I guess I should confess that I got a degree in journalism. 🙂


  4. Personally I don’t read reviewers, I read book blogs for reviews. I want honest opinions from real people. I am suspicious of reviewers. I’ve seen many a reviewers comments plastered inside a book using expressive language about a book that was full of…well, you know.Here’s to bloggers who review!


  5. I haven’t trusted reviewers of any sort since I saw the movie Lady of the Water get terrible reviews, and then saw why: a film critic is portrayed negatively and killed off in the movie. As Petunia said, there are ulterior motives involved with professional reviewers that you won’t run into with book blogs.


  6. I didn’t even know there was a debate going on. I enjoyed Betsy’s post though. Very thought provoking. Like Stephanie, I started my blog to keep track of books that I read. I read other blogs to get ideas for new books to read. And I just enjoy the give and take in the comments.


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