So, a while back, Leila posted about Shannon Hale’s new book, Austenland, which isn’t due out until June. And while I wasn’t exactly green with envy, I was just a little bit jealous. Then I got to thinking: hey, I write for Estella’s Revenge. I wonder, if I contacted Shannon Hale’s people, if I could get a copy of the book, too. And, so I did. And ta-da! I have in my grubby little hands, an advance review copy of Austenland. (does a little happy dance)

Y’all will just have to wait on what I think of it, though. I’ve got an interview and review lined up for the June issue, to coincide with the pub date.

In other news, I’ve got Rick Riordan’s latest, Titan’s Curse, coming, too. M is REALLY happy about that one.

I think I like this book reviewing thing. (grin)


8 thoughts on “Bwaa-haaa-haa!

  1. Yeah, I’m jealous! I just finished reading Princess Academy that I got from your recomendation & loved it! So of course I’ll be starting Goose Girl soon & can’t wait for the Austenland. Although, I was reading up on her and found out that she lives in the Salt Lake valley here by me, so now I just need to become friends with her & all will be fabulous!! (I mean that in a total non-stalker sort of way!) Still, jealous!


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