New Moon

It is very difficult, as a sequel, to live up to the expectations created by the first book. You have expectations for the characters, and those expectations are not always what the author perceives is best. It’s the author’s book, after all, and you, as a reader, are at the mercy of the author’s imagination.

All that said, I don’t know if I had expectations for New Moon. I knew people liked it, people hated it, people resented reading it… So, I think if I did have expectations, they were pretty low.

And in one way, I was pleasantly surprised. (Spoilers, sorry.) I liked that Edward left Bella. It was sad, but I could see Edward doing something like that. (Maybe because a similar thing happened to me when I was 18, though not with a vampire. Dang.) I really liked the next 1/3 or so of the book with Jacob. I liked that Bella was moving on, I liked the relationship she was developing with Jacob. I even liked the rough patches and while the werewolf thing was a bit of a stretch, it was tolerable enough.

Then the book derailed on page 378 (it has 563 pages…). Alice shows up. Edward’s going to be rash and kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead (think Romeo and Juliet). Bella rushes with Alice to Italy to save him. And then — okay, this is true love, but sometimes true love doesn’t work out, right?! — they get back together. AGH! NO! What about Jacob? Well, we never find out about Jacob. Not really. Bella still wants to be friends. Right. Not happening. Suddenly, I don’t like Edward so much. I’m annoyed at him for coming back and interrupting Bella’s life and making her at his mercy again. And I spent today reading this. It’s frustrating. And cloying. And annoying.

And, yes, I’m just a little bit put out that I will probably get the book when it comes out later this year just to find out what happens to Bella and Edward. Grrr.

8 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. Like you I didn’t have very many expections for this book. I actually did like that Edward left too because I could understand that but of course I was so happy to see him back. Don’t get me wrong I liked Jacob but I just couldn’t see him with Bella. Let’s see what happnes next.


  2. That’s where I think I differ from a lot of people. I <>could<> see Jacob with Bella. In time, of course. Maybe the next book will help me warm back up to Edward and Bella being together. 🙂


  3. Melissa – I agree with you. I LIKED Jacob and Bella together. I thought Jacob was absolutely charming and personable – and so in love with her! I wasn’t as ticked as you about Edward and Bella getting back together though. I liked them together too!! AHH teenage love!


  4. I think a lot of my frustration with Edwards coming back comes from personal reasons that have nothing to do with the book. I think Bella and Edward’s relationship is a tad bit unhealthy. That, and I married the Jacob in my life, so I’m a bit prejudiced towards him. 🙂


  5. “A tad bit unhealthy?” Ha ha! Just a tad. Obsessive, can’t be apart for more than a few minutes, die without you near . . . I think personally it bothers me that I find that romantic, and that I was glad when Edward was back, much as I liked Jacob. I think I didn’t think Jacob really deserved Bella, actually–because, taking into account my personal history, I know you should never be with someone whom you don’t truly love just because the person you are smitten with is unavailable. I think Jacob deserves better.The thing that really bugged me about the end was that all those “messages” from Edward turned out to be her subconscious.


  6. *sigh*Just posted a lengthy comment about my thoughts and how they’re very similar to yours re: the Romeo/Juliet’ness. The abbreviated rest: was glad Meyer took the chance to have Edward leave. Was very enjoyable in that regard. Very much looking forward to the rest of the series even if I was skeptical about some of her choices. Actually thought New Moon was better than Twilight in many ways.


  7. inkling — I can see your point about Jacob. In that respect, it’s probably better thatn he and Bella aren’t together. She’d never really be as in love as he deserves.Andi — I’m curious. In what ways is New Moon better?


  8. I actually thought the writing itself was a little better. The first book struck me as a bit clunky in parts, and while the 2nd was too, I thought there was much less clunk.


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