3 thoughts on “Is this Treading on Sacred Ground?

  1. Okay, I have to look up all those actors, cos I don’t know immediately who they are (British and all, I guess). Anyway, yeah, this is interesting. I guess with the success of the Narnia movie (which I didn’t see) and the HPotter movies (which I have seen), it’s inevitable that someone would go for The Dark is Rising.


  2. Nooo! I don’t want them to do that! Some books are just meant to be left as books. Like the Narnia books. HP I don’t mind because it’s so commercialized anyway, I think most contemporary writers write with a movie deal somewhere in their subconscious anyway (witness Uglies and Pretties, it’s so obvious there!) I saw Bridge to Terabithia last night–it was well done and I liked it much more than I expected to, but it was still unnecessary.


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