A bit of Fluff

I’m just a little bit proud of this email I wrote to my family this week. Thought I’d share.

Twas the night before New Years,
And down on the street,
We all were talking
About what happened last week.

Christmas Eve went well;
It couldn’t have gone any faster.
Except for the Quaker service,
Which was a bit of a disaster.

The morning came early
For poor Mom and Dad.
At six-thirty sharp
Three girls got us out of bed!

We unwrapped the presents,
Excited to see:
A castle, books, dolls
And a Harry Potter DVD (game).

Candy, doughnuts, Eggs Benedict;
The day started well.
But the dinner roast was dry,
and Melissa fell ill.

All the next day
Melissa was in bed, sick.
So R rustled up
Friends for the girls, quick.

They spent the whole day
Playing games, doing crafts.
Though we were just a little glad
When they went home at last.

The next day was boxing.
We were only off by one.
Time to put away decorations
Now that Christmas was done.

Friday — Exploration Place,
We were all impressed.
There were airplanes, Miniature Kansas,
And a castle we liked best.

And just when we thought
We couldn’t have any more debts
We spent lots more money!
Oh, and Baby K took her first steps.

We watched lots of movies:
National Velvet, Sword in the Stone, Camelot,
Cars, Alice in Wonderland, Over the Hedge.
Some were good. Some were not.

We hung art, we cleaned house,
We spent time with our friends.
We had sleepovers, and great fun.
Every night late to bed.

We celebrated R’s 38th birthday
With presents (ties) and cake.
And there’s still a few more days
Left in this winter break!

And so you hear us exclaim
As 2006 fades from sight,
“Happy New Year’s to all,
And may it be bright!”


6 thoughts on “A bit of Fluff

  1. Melissa, that’s a wonderful poem. You are darn clever and creative. Sorry to hear that you suffered illness over the holidays and hope you’re back on your feet and going strong. What day is R’s birthday? Mine is the 30th. Nothing like celebrating a birthday right after Christmas, is there?!

    Happy New Year, Melissa. Hopes 2007 is a terrific year for you and your family.


  2. R’s birthday is the 30th, too. No, there’s nothing like celebrating a birthday right after Christmas! I tend to hit the stores the week after in order to find a present for him on sale. This year proved tricky; I didn’t find it until the evening of his birthday when I had run to Target for something else. Seems everyone this year wanted under-the-cabinet CD players. Go figure.


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