Selling out

This is just wrong.

I was going to go on a long rant about how terrible it is that Katherine Paterson has sold out and allowed this movie to be made. But, it’s late and I’m tired. Still, some movies just shouldn’t be made. At least not like this.

4 thoughts on “Selling out

  1. oh dear oh dear. This IS rather upsetting. Felt similar when Everlasting Tuck was made a movie a few years back. I am going to willfully stick my head in the sand and try to ignore it. I didn’t even watch the trailer as it would be too too upsetting.


  2. Too true, turtlebella. I stomped around the house for a couple of hours last night after seeing the trailer, ranting about how, of all authors, how could Katherine Paterson sell out?!? I mean, some authors, yeah, but a two-time Newbery winner. And allow them to turn a several-tissue-box book into an adventure story!

    The outrage!


  3. I didn’t like this book much anyway, though–I much prefer Jacob Have I Loved. English teachers will be so happy to have a movie to show while they grade the final paper.


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