First. It’s been a whopper of a week. We closed on our house on Monday, the 20th, and then spent the rest of the week prepping the house for our move on Saturday. Carpet people, vinyl/laminate people, cleaning (if you EVER sell a house, PLEASE clean it for the next owner. It SUCKS having to clean a house just to make it livable, and it’s still not done!), painting (the room was such a mess, M refused to move in until it was painted), packing, moving, hauling trash, and unpacking. Which gets us to today. Things are mostly unpacked. I’m happy to see our books, which have been in storage for the last four months. It makes me feel like I’m finally settled.

On top of all that, I tried to read Geraldine Brook’s March. I was excited about this one: she takes Mr. March from Little Women, imagines a backstory and fills in for the time that he’s missing in the book, until he gets ill and Marmee comes and gets him. Granted, I only got about 5 chapters in (it was a busy week), but I never could get into the book. It just didn’t feel right. I know, I didn’t exactly love Little Women. Still. I think it’s one of those books that everyone has their opinions about, and reactions to, and to… well, mess with the book is just wrong. Mr. March was too extreme in his views — too vegetairan, too abolitionist, too… too! — to make him the loving, caring, quiet father of the March girls. And Brooks tried to weave in the story line from Little Women, and it just didn’t fit with the wartime scenes, and the flashes of backstory that she gave him.

In the end, I put it down. It didn’t hold my interest, and at the end of some very long days it wasn’t what I wanted to be reading. Maybe someday I’ll try again. But probably not.

6 thoughts on “March

  1. Yes, congrats on a new house, and being all settled in! That is exciting. I will never get to see all my books out, our house is just too small. And we are not moving anytime soon. I feel the same way about messing with an existing book, especially classics. It’s just not right! That said, how do you feel about the Peter Pan sequel that is coming out, or is out? I haven’t heard much about it except it is coming. Any thoughts?


  2. I think the Peter Pan sequel is out (I think I saw it at the bookstore…). I’ve heard a little about it (all good), but I don’t know much else. I think I put it on my list. I think messing with classics is a hit and miss thing; some classics I don’t mind. Others, I do. There’s really no sense to it, is there?


  3. So happy for you to have a new place to live. Sorry it wasn’t left in tip top condition. Thankfully you’re in and settled.

    I’m sorry you didn’t care for March. I liked it a lot. I thought Mr. March was a complex character. Oh well, we all react to books so differently, don’t we?


  4. I really disliked March too! Mostly for Marmee and Mr’s March’s romance (specifically the Walden Pond part). I’m not going to include the spoiler in case any of your readers are still planning to read March, but I’ve read Little Women many, many times, and I just cannot accept Marmee behaving like that ever!


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