Small Steps

The perfect antidote to Holocaust books: simple, little, light Louis Sachar ones. Several posts back, Inkling asked if I’d read his new one. Well, I have now. (What did you think about it, Inkling??)

Armpit (from Holes, remember him? I didn’t) is now home from Camp Green Lake, and trying to make his way in the world. He’s got a job (digging for a landscaping company), is making up school, and is good friends with his next door neighbor, Ginny, who has cerebral palsy. Life is good. He’s taking small steps. Then X-Ray shows up (remember him? I didn’t. Been a while since I read Holes.), offering a quick money making scheme: scalp concert tickets to a Kaira DeLeon concert. From there life not only changes, but falls apart. At least, temporarily.

It’s not as good as Holes. That’s not to say it isn’t good. It is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, Holes is better. More surreal, more magical, more… well… better. This one has it’s charms: I liked the relationship between Armpit and Ginny. I liked the whole portrayal of the teen celebrity, though I admit that it was a bit cliche at times. And I liked Armpit. He was a good, honest, likeable character. I suppose there could have been more teen angst, but I think it would have been out of place (in fact the couple of times when Armpit clashed with his parents felt awkward). It was a good story about starting over, and trying to make something of yourself. A good little book.


One thought on “Small Steps

  1. I just ordered it from Scholastic with my teacher points. I’ll let you know my thoughts. Re: Holocaust books. I don’t handle them well either. And I’m not sure that all stories must be told in such extreme detail. On the other hand, there are two Holocaust books I really love: Malka and Milkweed.


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