Tooth and Claw

What do you get when you cross Jane Austen with Anne McCaffrey? This chraming Victorian Dragon novel(Or is it a Dragon Victorian Novel?), by Jo Walton. It was a riot to read. The dragons acted like Victorian English: maidens couldn’t be without chaperones (I especially liked the way they “blushed” pink when they came into contact with the male dragons, which usually led to an engagement). They had a social system like the English: there were gently born dragons and servant dragons and lower class dragons. I loved the court scenes (there was a suit filed in the course of the story). I guess I just liked the whole premise of the story. Which, truth be told is quite simple: a father dies. The daughters go live with their siblings and find love. The son feels cheated out of his inheritance and takes his brother-in-law to court. Not much there. This book rides entriely on its premise. Thankfully, it’s a good one. Especially if you like Victorian novels and dragon books. Why not combine the two?


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