Warning: A Rant Approaching

Things I hate (This is all a response to a grumpy day topped off by an annoying anonymous comment. A girl’s gotta vent, though.):

  • Days when A cries for 45 minutes because I won’t give her a sippy cup of milk (note: she’d already had three and wanted yet another)
  • 9/11 TV movies (and that people believe EVERY word in them)
  • Politics (which is odd because I’m married to a Political Science professor)
  • Anonymous blogger comments like this: “diz book waz da stupidest book i have ever read in ma damn life i hated it itz so old skool n we r in 2006 not the 40s so i think u should not sell dis book to normal ppl only stupid nerds!!!” that get buried so I can’t find them to delete them.
  • Teething babies
  • Sleepless nights (because said teething baby was up 3 times)
  • 80-degree days when it seemed like fall was coming on
  • Being patient in order to find an affordable home in a good location
  • Women who spend too much of their time trying to get $100 worth of groceries for $5
  • Being dissatisfied with being a stay home mom
  • Feeling grumpy about my life when so much else is wrong with the world, and other people have it so much more difficult than I do.

Thanks. I needed that.

8 thoughts on “Warning: A Rant Approaching

  1. Why can’t anonymous people spell? Are they anonymous for precisely that reason, that they are ashamed to identify themselves as horrendous spellers? Or is it some kind of code?When you feel dissatisfied, think of me, going off to work every morning with the image of my little guy waving at me from someone eles’s window. I know it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it (and I say that in a totally uncheesy tone).


  2. You’re right, Inkling. I hate that I get so grumpy. I suppose it’s only human nature. But I still try and fight it. It’s not a pleasant way to be. I do need to remember that I am blessed.


  3. You know, you just had a baby a little while ago. I think it’s perfectly normal to be grumpy right now–that whole first year is tough, I don’t care how many children you’ve had.


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