The Man Who Ate Everything

This book by Jeffrey Steingarten, oddly enough, reminded me of people as I read it. It reminded me of my father (not exactly someone who pops into mind when reading a book about food), because of the very excellent chapter on ketchup (and I think my dad should read this book, if only for the chapter on ketchup). It also reminded me of hubby’s friends Nick and Scott, because Steingarten is, for better or for worse, as thoroughly obsessive about food as those two. And, I would probably be very self-conscious about cooking for them (though I think I’ve actually cooked for Scott, once, and if I remember right, he put Worcestershire sauce on the hamburger).

Anyway, this book is a collection of Steingarten’s food reviews/essays that he wrote for Vogue back in the early 90s. Some of them are excellent, like the aforementioned ketchup one. I’ve learned more than I need to know about mashing potatoes, vegetables (and how they’re out to kill us), fruit, bread, fruitcake (from his relatives in Salt Lake City, yes they’re Mormon), cooking from the back of the box, diets, wagyu beef…

I admit, I didn’t read the book cover to cover; after getting about halfway through, I got fed up and skipped around the rest of the book reading the chapters that interested me. But, I think this book is meant to be read like that. Or, at the very least, I didn’t lose anything by reading it that way. At any rate, it’s a bit of obsessive food fun. And I do like that.

6 thoughts on “The Man Who Ate Everything

  1. I loved this book! The recipe for apple pie is the most delicious I have ever eaten– I never get enough, because my guests always gobble it up before I get to it! I think Steingarten is hilarious.


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