Talk to the Hand

Okay, I admit this: Lynne Truss’s Talk to the Hand is really one, long, extended whine about how terrible, awful and RUDE people (especially those under the age of 20) are today. Ah, but it’s a terribly funny whine. And I agreed with it. And it almost pulled me out of the 9th-month pregnancy funk that I’ve been stuck in for a while. Therefore, in my book, it’s a good book.

There’s really nothing new about this book, though. Except maybe for her blaming the telephone (rather than the television or the internet) for the downfall of society (she makes a really good case for it, too). And she really doesn’t have any “pointers”, except for maybe, hopefully, if we all pretend to be polite to one another than maybe we will actually want to be polite to one another. Whatever. The point of the book isn’t to change the world. It’s really to amuse those of us who agree with Ms. Truss that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and by the way, why can’t you just say THANK YOU once in a while?

One thought on “Talk to the Hand

  1. I loved the joke she told about “a word that’s difficult to say around our families that ends in ‘-y’ … ‘buggery?'”I was nearly on the floor.Yes, it is a whine, but it does make me think twice about not noticing people when I walk by. And to forget pretending that there’s any semblance of privacy in public places. *grin*


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