I Was a Rat!

There wasn’t much to this book by Philip Pullman (I thought I’d give him another try, especially since other people have raved about His Dark Materials…). Great premise: a boy goes around saying he used to be a rat. Who believes him? What does he do? How did he get to be a boy? Not a lousy execution, but definately a minimalist one. I think Pullman was trying to satirize tabloids (and in some instances, I did “get” it), but along the way he forgot to have an engaging plot. Perhaps this book would be better read out loud. I did like the ending, however, which made up for a whole lot.

2 thoughts on “I Was a Rat!

  1. Interesting, because the ending was the hugest of several flaws in the His Dark Materials series, in my opinion. I thought he was good on plot twists and cool gimmicks (not to mention titles: The Subtle Knife? How cool is that???) but he was unable to wrap it up in the end. But I haven’t read this one yet.


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