A quick review: This book, by Cynthia Voigt, is one that I can credit my obsession with youth fiction to. I was given it by an old friend about 10 years ago, and was hooked. I finally went out and bought myself a copy (and discovered that Voigt has turned it into a series, need to read the other two —On Fortune’s Wheel and Elske). I’m not sure if I liked it as much as I remembered, but I still was thoroughly captivated by the story. In short — Gwyn, a peasant, loathes the inequity among the people (and between the people and the Lords) and discovers the costume of Jackaroo, a folk legend among the people. She decides to become Jackaroo, to help those in need. Yes, it is a female Robin Hood character. It’s not an action-adventure book, though. It’s much more thoughtful and introspective, dealing with issues of class and worth and deserving. It’s a good read, though.

6 thoughts on “Jackaroo

  1. Can I comment again?I’ve read On Fortune’s Wheel, but I didn’t like it as much as Jackroo. I didn’t like it quite as much when I reread it as an adult. I’ve always preferred the first part of the book anyway.


  2. Oh good, you weren’t trying to cut me from your reading list!! I’ve liked all of her books, although I don’t think I’ve read Elske. But I preferred her Homecoming series, especially Dicey’s song. I read Jackaroo as a teenager but rediscovered her last year as I tried to start reading YA lit again, and fell in love. Know who else I love? Robin McKinley. ESPECIALLY Deerskin. And I want to read her new one, Sunshine. Do you like McKinley?


  3. Actually, Laura, I <>do<> love Robin McKinley. Though I haven’t loved all of her books equally… and no, I haven’t read her latest, though it’s on my to-read list.


  4. Hi Melissa, how about editing your Cynthia Voight’s name ie without the ‘h” 😉fantastic book of course, still being pushed out by us gals to new generations of readers.B


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