Quest for a Maid

A while back, Amira was listing books she’s read and enjoyed. Naturally, I jotted the ones I’d never heard of (and sounded interesting) down and set about trying to find them at our limited library. Quest for a Maid, by Frances Mary Hendry is one of those.

I really liked it. I think I’m often surprised how much I like historical fiction. This one was a good Arthurian-style book: a bit of history, a bit of myth, some magic — but not overly so, and a lot of good adventure with a little bit of understated love story thrown in. I found the accent writing (I’m sure there’s a name for when the writer writes dialogue in dialect, but I’m not sure what it is) a bit disconcerting at first (I always do), but I got used to it.

The basic plot: It’s set in Scotland, though I’m not sure of the time period, my Scottish history being a bit lax. Meg, though some interesting circumstances, becomes betrothed to Davie, acquires Peem as a manservant and through the influence of her witch-sister Inge ends up on a boat to fetch the Maid of Norroway so she can marry Prince Edward of England. Of course, things go wrong, and Meg, Davie and Peem save the day. But I’m not going to tell you how; you’ll have to read it for yourself.

A good read.


2 thoughts on “Quest for a Maid

  1. I like your new template! And I’m glad you liked Quest for a Maid. I thought the story it was based on was interesting and read more about that time in history.


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