Dealing With Dragons

I finished this a bit ago, but was waiting until I got around to finishing the rest of the series — it’s one of four books in The Enchanted Forest series by Patricia Wreade. However, I’ve gotten sidetracked by another book, and I figured I needed to type this one up before I forgot what I thought about it.

I liked it. A friend of mine years ago put this one in my hand and I remember liking it then, but I didn’t remember much else. It’s not a deep or profound book. The plot is: Princess Cimorene who hates being a proper princess and runs away to become the princess of a dragon. That’s about as deep as it gets. But if you know your fairy tales, it’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of references to all sorts of princess (and other) tales, and it’s also a good “strong girl speaking her mind and doing what she thinks rather than what she’s told” books.

By the way, my 8-year-old daughter thought it was great, too.


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