Guys Read: Funny Business

edited by John Scieszka
ages: 10+
First sentence: “A kid gets transferred to a new school.”
Support your local independent bookstore: buy it there!

Ah, humor.

It’s such an individual thing, really. Some people snort milk out their nose at the slightest silliness (guilty), others just crack a small smile. It’s so hard to find one style that suits everyone.

The best solution? A short story collection. There’s enough different kinds of stories in here (all with male protagonists, so hand this one to the boys. Which was its point, actually.), from enough different authors, that everyone will find at least one that will tickle their funny bone.

For me, it was Eoin Colfer’s story. If I had been drinking milk (or anything at all), I would have snorted it. I howled. It’s basically a personal essay about his older brother, the evil genius, and how he got his younger brother out of trouble. Seriously, it doesn’t sound that funny, but it is. Or at least it was to me.

The other stories were nothing to sneeze at either: there are stories about not-so-great friends, projects gone bad, getting addicted to danger, stupid English assignments, obnoxious parents and grandparents, and superheroes. Not all were equally funny, in my opinion, but all were entertaining and interesting and fun to read. Completely worth picking up (and not just for the guys.)

Besides, how can you not want to read a book that has a trailer like this?

8 thoughts on “Guys Read: Funny Business

  1. great trailer… going to show this to the daughter when she gets home. though she has read (and actually owns) the book. will have to brave her book shelves to find it. i had forgotten about it.

    thanks for the post.. and for adding the trailer.



  2. I have a couple of the Guy Reads on my classroom shelves and love the stories, but this video is outstanding. Thanks for sharing. I will add this new one to my must have list.

    PS My sister and I use to snort milk out our noses all the time.


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