I don’t read vampire books, as a rule. I’m not usually one who likes being terrified (just ask Hubby… I don’t do scary movies!). So, I tend to shy away from the whole vampire-monster-horror genre. Still when this book started popping up with positive reviews all over the blogs I usually read (like here, here and here) and when Inkling gave me a huge push, I put in on hold at the library. (It took me a while to get around to it, because I was several people down the list and because of the three copies the library has, only one is in circulation right now.)

So, what did I think?

First, this book obsessed me. I tend to lose myself in books, but for the most part I can put them down, walk away and look forward to coming back while I go on with my every day life. Exceptions occur, of course. But I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. I was drawn into it, and fascinated and haunted by it. But why? The writing is middling, more pulp fiction than really good fiction. The story borders on the harlequin; it’s first love, forbidden love, obsessive love. Yet it struck a chord in me (and probably most readers). I have a first love, forbidden love, obsessive love in my past. I was 17 once. Granted, it wasn’t with a vampire, but still.

And that’s where I think Stephenie Meyer was brilliant. Why not take the whole vampire lore, turn it on its head, and make them sympathetic? Why not make a stubborn girl, human girl, willing to sacrifice herself for the vampire, the monster? That’s where the fascination of this book truly lies.

As an aside, I’m using the book for this “Read outside the Box” challenge they’ve got going on at the library. The question I have is: Does this fall under romance or horror?

10 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I’d say romance. It’s a love story, in my opinion. A forbidden, Romeo and Juliet type love (read New Moon!!) but absolutely a love story. I don’t think it’s gorey enough to count as horror, do you?


  2. Um Susan, I guess Bella wasn’t the only one star-struck by Edward, eh?Heather — consider this your push. READ IT! That’s what all the cool kids are doing. 🙂 No really, it’s a fascinating story.Corrine — I don’t know, that’s why I asked. I figured vampires=horror. But it really doesn’t feel like one.


  3. Ah another fan! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it and that’s exactly how I felt about the book. I couldn’t believe that I was so obsessed about it either. I liked New Moon a lot too but definitely Twilight is my favorite. Of course, I’ll be lining up at the bookstore when the new one comes out.


  4. Hi Melissa. This is a completely strange request. However, a blogger friend of mine in Washington has a bet with her husband about getting a comment from people in all 50 states in the next couple weeks. I googled Kansas LDS blogspot, and found you. If you could stop by and just even leave a brief “Hi! This is Kansas checking in”, it would be a big help. Her bloggy name is Carrot Jello and her spot is oinkledoinkle.blogspot. You’d make a pregnant woman very happy!


  5. so is Twilight scary? I’m bad at horror stories and movies too…can’t read or watch them without freaking out when i’m alone at home. It sounds like everybody loved it, but I don’t want to be jumpy.


  6. See, I’m relieved to hear you were obsessed too. I was worried that it was striking some strange chord in me alone. I think all these people are right–it’s the star-crossed lover part that gets people. Still, I am not willing to come right out and say I like it. I resent the fact that I will probably read the third one.On the other hand, have you read Uglies, Pretties, and Specials? That’s the other thing all the cool kids are reading!!


  7. Inkling — Why resent the fact that you’ll read the third one?? Yeah, I saw your review of Uglies, etc. I suppose I’ve never been one to do what the cool kids are doing, but they did sound interesting.


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